Sophisticated Financial Advice, Delivered With Simplicity

Quick Facts

Essential Information

  • SEC registered investment adviser

  • Comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services

  • Fiduciary


  • Fee only (based on a percentage of assets under management)


  • Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

What’s Different?

  • Serving high-net-worth families with complex situations, where the cost of being wrong is high

  • Sophisticated, ongoing financial advice, delivered with simplicity

  • Focus on the few variables that govern long-term financial success

Typical Client Profile

  • Business owners, capital markets professionals, separated/divorced spouses

  • People experiencing a life transition

  • Young business owners and others who are likely to match our client community financial profile in the foreseeable future


Complexity Considerations

When your finances are complex and the cost of being wrong is high, you need a trusted financial adviser whose experience, business judgment and wisdom can guide you to the best outcomes. We help people improve their lives by bringing truth, understanding and discipline to the choices they make every day.

Most financial advisory firms focus on investing your money rather than on achieving your goals. At Keating Wealth Management, we answer the questions everyone has about money: Am I OK? Can I live the life I want?

We do this by starting with your life and ending with your investments, not the other way around. Our goal is to help you live better today, not just in some distant future. We focus on helping people live richly and without regrets rather than dying rich but full of regrets.

Value promise

Value promise