Timothy J. Keating


A.B., cum laude, 1985, Harvard College


After three decades on Wall Street, I'd seen it all. Trading, investment banking and fund management positions in New York and London gave me experience investing in all the world's major markets. All of it led me to one conclusion: Investing for long-term success need not be overwhelmingly complex. I wanted to share the key, simplifying insights I'd gained, and I wanted to help people focus on the right information, so they could make the best decisions.

That's why I launched Keating Wealth Management in 2016—to help successful people navigate the economic implications of life transitions and simplify their lives. As the firm's sole financial adviser, I am directly and completely involved in all aspects of every client relationship.

My career began in 1985 after I graduated cum laude from Harvard College with an A.B. in economics. I held senior management positions in the Equity and Equity Derivative departments of Kidder, Peabody; Nomura; and Bear Stearns.

In 1997, I founded Keating Investments, LLC. The firm managed three investment funds: two private funds and a publicly traded closed-end fund focused on pre-IPO investing.

Running the funds required a mastery of essential capital markets skills, including fundraising, valuation, deal structuring, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, research, aftermarket support and investor relations. Leveraging this expertise, I also wrote numerous white papers on a variety of issues relating to the capital markets, ranging from IPOs to the Yale Endowment model of investing.

Thanks to my wide-ranging financial experience, I've been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron's, Investor's Business Daily, and The New York Times, among others. I've also appeared on several business news programs, including Fox Business' “After the Closing Bell,” and CNBC's “Street Signs,” and I've written articles for Forbes.com, Investment News and Pensions & Investments.

The most unexpected aspect of the fund management experience was how often portfolio company CEOs sought my personal financial advice. Although their companies were being taken public by the largest investment banks in the country, many of these CEOs were seeking high-touch service from an experienced, genuinely independent individual, free from all conflicts, whom they could trust unconditionally.

I realized that I had a highly developed talent for simplification. My epiphany was that it was a unique gift, and my mission became sharing this gift with the wider world—and especially my clients at Keating Wealth Management.